Electrical Services

Custom Sign Designs

Whether interior or exterior, your lighting is crucial to public safety and can be a legal liability if it's insufficient.  Landmark's 30 years of experience gives you the leg up you need to be sure your lighting is safe, efficient, economical and done well!


So whether you need LED, HID or Florescent, Service or Retrofit, let Landmark help you!

Sometimes things aren't so easy and average electrical service people get lost in the weeds.  Landmark's 30 years experience in all things electrical gives us the ability to find the solution to your problem efficiently and quickly.


It you've got a sticky problem, call Landmark for our unexcelled troubleshooting ability!

Sign Programs

Are you sure your building or property electrical systems are safe and compliant?  Failures can be costly and troublesome, dangerous and problematic.  Outdated and inefficient components can be costing you thousands in electrical consumption.  And inspectors can red tag anything that isn't code compliant.


E-valuate, Landmark's proprietary electrical safety inspection service, can help you get on top of your electrical systems.  


It's Low Cost, Thorough and Easy to use.  Let us know and we'll be glad to help you to get a handle on this critical and vital property issue right away!


Sign Permits, Variances and CUP's


Big sign and property lighting can cost thousands in energy consumption and be very expensive to repair and replace.   LED retrofits are a very competitive, durable and efficient way to save money and refresh your sign, lot or building!


Landmark is an expert in LED retrofits.  Let us show you how you can begin to save big money and greatly improve your signs and lighting today!

Corporate Sign Standards & Identity Standards

Whatever your need, Landmark can service and repair any electrical system, sign or lighting system!


Call us today for help!